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Gas Trains & Monitors

A gas train consists of Filter, Slam-shut off valve, pressure regulator, and safety relief valve & flame arrestor. Filter helps to remove the dust / dirt particles in the gas which may damage the regulator parts.

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Gas Flow Meters

Gases are compressible and changes volume when placed under pressure, when heated or are cooled. Gas meters can be used with LPG in vapour phase,and also Natural Gas.

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Reticulated Gas System

The reticulated system is a method of distribution of Domestic LPG in housing colonies and apartments complexes through a pipeline network from a centralized cylinder bank of bulk storage to customer’s kitchen.

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LOT (Liquid – Off – Take)

LOT Cylinders were introduced in India in view of shortage of space and availability for a VOT Multi Cylinder Bank, as LOT cylinders save space in places of high consumption like Star Hotels, Small, Medium and Large Scale Industries where…

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VOT (Vapour – Off – Take)

VOT Cylinders are the normal conventional type of cylinders which you would find in your homes, restaurants and other small commercial establishments These type of cylinders were introduced in India after independence with a view to providing LPG for cooking…

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